19 juillet 2011

A small boat with a Tunisian on board will break the silence!!! .. Just like a small country called Tunisia changed the face of this World!!

Omaya SEDDIK is a Tunisian activist, he was on board of Dignité Al-Karama, a boat to Gaza!! 
His father Pr. Youssef SEDDIK, with a trembling voice, asked the Tunisian PM to intervene with Israel to free him.. Pr. SEDDIK's call was boradcasted by a local radio today!! 

Israël must free Omaya and all the other activists!!! Israël must stop his violence and his piracy in trans-boundary waters!! Israël has to respect International laws in order to be respected!! 
Break the siege!!! Stop banditry!! this injustice is no longer bearable, actually!!!! 

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