03 octobre 2012

Tunisian indecency

In Tunisia, a girl was raped by police officers then accused by her rapers of indecency! The victim was questioned yesterday by a magistrate in Tunis and hundreds of Tunisians have taken the street in front of the courthouse to support her. 

Meanwhile, unfortunately,  thousands of other Tunisians have been writing dirty and indecent comments on the social medias about the victim pretending (just like the Interior Ministry spokesman said in a press conference)  that the girl and her fiancé were in an "immoral position" when the police officers discovered their car in the middle of the night.. but does this justify to rape her!? that's just outrageous actually!!!!

Some people were pretending that her "fiancé" was just her "boyfriend".. but who cares!? she's been raped? she's suffering physically and psychologically and needs help not critiques!!

The raped Tunisian girl, her face hidden by a veil, as she leaves the central Tunis courthouse. 
Photo / AP

Did these people forget that police corps was the strongest machine of Ben Ali's Dictatorship!? Did they forget that few days ago a man was tortured to death in a police station!? Did they forget that we are experiencing a security crisis so police officers should take us out of such an uncomfortable situation instead of raping girls, torturing people or specifying if the one of us is in "immoral position" or not!