26 septembre 2012

I don't support what you call "Israel" and I'm civilized.. support me .. support Mona Eltahawy

Free speech and freedom of expression in the US was again compromised by the arrest of Mona Eltahawy
Mona is an American-Egyptian journalist based in New York. She was protesting peacefully against an ad she was just spraying to express her disagreement.
I do think just like Mona that the so-called "anti-Jihad" ad is just equating enemies of Israel as "savages".. this is the kind of ads spreading hatred and clearing Israel from all its crimes against innocent and genuine inhabitants of the Palestinian land.. 

Youtube video showing Mona's arrest 

 I won't talk much about Israel crimes because its crimes machine is still functional and its fascist regime expresses much better than me why this "country" has so much enemies all over the World.. civilized enemies by the way!! So if we just remember the 1948 massacre of deir Yassin, the first and second Intifada which means the Palestinian upraising against the Zionist occupation and how much innocent people died then, it becomes easier to choose a camp to support!! 

The unjustified arrest of Mona after her non-violent protest shows again the double standards of American freedom of expression policy and the US strong support to Israel.. Hope you dear Americans can now better understand the "savage" attacks on your Embassies that I strongly condemn (of course) and the extreme hatred against your country expressed almost everywhere all over the World .. 

Free Mona .. Free expression equally for everyone .. Free Palestine 

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