27 septembre 2012

EXCLUSIVE: American Hypocrisy .. the Mona Eltahawy affair

The woman who stood between Mona Eltahawy pink spray paint and the racist and hateful pro-Israel ad is just the SIOA president (Stop the Islamization Of America). She pretends that she was defending freedom of expression by pushing Mona and provoking her. She was taking a video of the activist non-violent protest against the ad racist message and she was standing before her stubbornly...

The SIOA president plans now to sue over Mona as her clothes and equipment were damaged she said (!!) but everybody knows that Mona was intending to spray the ad not this woman (or her clothes) especially that she has nothing to do with the whole affair.. nor the organization she belongs too actually!!

The best part of papers today are reporting the facts like Mona was defending Jihad and the SIOA president  "attacked" while defending anti-Jihad ad .. they all seem to ignore the "Support Israel" message on the ad, the categorization of people into "civilized" and "savage" and the non-violent protest Mona was performing in the  land of "freedom of expression" also called America! This is just Hypocrisy.. but now we are so used to it!!

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